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Lifestyle tips for Home-makers!

House-wives are generally engrossed with the household chores and   hence left with very little time to focus on themselves. With the rise in lifestyle diseases due to the sedentary habits, it becomes very important for everyone to adopt habits which will help them keep fit and healthy through their normal schedules.

So, here are some of the tips by Ms. Kanchan Naikawadi, Preventive Healthcare specialist, Indus Health Plus which can be part of their daily schedule:

  • “Me” time: It is very important to pursue one’s hobby that keeps the boredom, tensions away and inspires creativity. Reading, taking cooking classes, painting, writing, singing are some of the activities that will keep you relaxed and calm.
  • “Hi, Hello”: It is suggested to meet your friends and acquaintances at least once/twice a week. Social gatherings will keep you equipped with new happenings around, plus will keep your confidence up and running.
  • Not so sweet: Make some healthy diet/desserts for yourself and your family by trying out new healthy recipes with no extra sugar. Take care of the sugar intake and plan a healthy salad diet. Replace junk with healthy snacks, if you have a habit of snacking throughout the day.
  • Enough sleep: It is not recommended to cut down your sleeping hours. You should at least have 7 hours of regular sleep to focus on the tasks of the day and for your own good health.
  • 30 minutes of your time: Make exercise part of your daily schedule, at least for 30 minutes. You can do some or the other physical activity while watching TV as well. Keep drinking warm water and fresh juices to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Reverse Counting: Whenever you are angry on children or irritated with the household work, start counting reverse from 30, you will feel relaxed and calm. Frustration or stress can lead to various cardiovascular diseases.
  • Regular checking of your financial statements: You should start taking ownership of your finances by managing it and keeping a close check on your financial statements. This helps in improving your mental health
  • Mark your Doctor appointments: Make Sure that you visit your doctor once in 3 months for the doctor to understand what’s going on with your body and he/she can suggest the measures accordingly

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