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Key Points from PM Narendra Modi’s ANI Interview on 15th April 2024

On 15th April 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave an exclusive interview to ANI, discussing a wide range of topics1. Here are the key points from the interview:

Responding to Allegations of Misuse of Agencies

PM Modi responded to the Opposition’s allegations that the central agencies were working under the pressure of the government2He stated that these allegations were unfounded and were an attempt by the Opposition to find a scapegoat2.

Government’s Achievements and Future Plans

PM Modi highlighted the achievements of his government, including the removal of Article 370 and Triple Talaq3He also outlined his vision for the next 100 days if BJP gets elected for the third term in the Lok Sabha elections 20243.

Electoral Bonds and International Relations

The Prime Minister also discussed electoral bonds and his intervention in the Russia-Ukraine war4He defended the use of electoral bonds and explained his diplomatic efforts to resolve the Russia-Ukraine conflict4.

Vision for 2047

PM Modi clarified that his vision for 2047, the 100th anniversary of India’s independence, is separate from the 2024 elections1He emphasized the importance of setting goals for the next 25 years to ensure holistic development1.

Democracy and Elections

PM Modi expressed his belief that democracy should not only be limited to the constitution but should be part of our culture1He suggested turning the atmosphere of elections into a festival to instill democratic values in the coming generations1.


The interview provided a comprehensive insight into PM Modi’s views on various issues. From addressing allegations to outlining future plans, PM Modi presented a clear picture of his government’s achievements and aspirations. As India heads towards the Lok Sabha elections 2024, this interview serves as a crucial point of reference for the voters.

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