Jab Harry Met Sejal Movie Review : Don’t waste your money

by Harsh Vardhan Posted on

This movie was a huge let down. First of all it was setting its way and it failed big time. Most likely the worst SRK film I’ve seen. Anushka’s acting was good, Shah Rukh’s acting was a bit out of place but I can indeed tell that this type of acting was hard for him to do. This movie overall didn’t just went good.

The story was so bad that they just needed to focus on the ring. This movie should’ve easily been a 2 hour film instead of having it 2hr 40m which is a lot of stuff that didn’t need to be in this film. So yeah I do think this is a very bad film it’s not really bad but its just bad. Even Dear Zindagi was way better.

Although I do think that this movie is going to be okay in the box office and it will be okay for some audiences but mostly people will say that it is indeed a bad film


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