Inspired by British Era, an experiment with Style dazzled the ramp

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In an ever emerging fashion industry in India, the new designers are creating fashion statements everyday with their power of imagination and hunger for creativity.  The runway has portrayed the Indianized British costumes that how British India brought about a change in the costumes of contemporary India to the elegance and royalties.


 Isha Gupta Tayal is one such emerging designer who has presented her ‘Imaginative Dressing’ a perfect blend of British India and Royal India Fashion. British era Clothing styles were dictated by propriety, and stylish garments were a sign of respectability.


Her designs were focused on the modesty of Royal India fashion with Victorian cuts, regal intricate Indian embroideries, cutwork & brass accessories. The Steampunk fashion would be full of adventure and youthfulness.


 “My intention is to see Indian women breaking out of their pearl cages and enter into royal steampunk adventures” says Isha Gupta Tayal


Harsh Vardhan

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