How to stop a hangover

How to stop a hangover

We’ve all been there – hungover and desperate for a fix. Here’s how to get back up on your feet in no time.

Some people agree that a satisfactory manner to recover from a hangover is to experience it out. Others swear by using sure-fire treatments like consuming bacon and eggs, taking Aspirin, taking Ibuprofen, ingesting a Bloody Mary, black coffee, pickles, the list goes on and on. The fact is that maximum hangover cures do not work at all or do not work well enough and can even make the signs and symptoms of a hangover worse.

Alcohol can take up to 11 hours to go away from your system. However, these tried and tested suggestions will help you recover faster!

  1. Line your stomach with carbohydrates before you go out









If you are taking steps to save yourself from a monster hangover, you might not want therapy at all!

You’ve likely heard people waffling about how dangerous it is to exit on an empty stomach – and it seems there’s truth to that.

Devour a pleasant greasy meal before drinking, as the fats will help to line the walls of your stomach. This slows down the rate of alcohol absorption, which means you may be less probably to wake up with a splitting headache. Pasta is an excellent option, as are bangers and mash or a hearty portion of beans on toast!

  1. Hydrate with water

“Hangovers arise primarily due to dehydration, low blood sugar, electrolyte imbalances, and dilated blood vessels, which can cause headaches,” says Doctor.

The extended urination can lead you to emerge as speedy dehydrated, and as your body attracts water from your brain to function, it can depart you feeling fatigued or dizzy.

  1. Try bacon and eggs

It’s no longer a secret that a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich magically makes you sense better. Both bacon and eggs include an amino acid called cysteine, which scientists have determined may decrease the amount of acetaldehyde within the body—one of the byproducts of alcohol metabolization which could contribute to some of your hangover symptoms.

  1. Avoid mixing drinks

You probably knew this anyway, but mixing different types of alcohol never really ends well in the hangover stakes. Because exclusive varieties of alcohol have different levels of congeners as well as other chemicals, they’ll all have a slightly different effect on you.

  1. Dotshot – Anti Hangover Drink

A clinically established drink to assist your body to fend off the outcomes of a hangover consisting of headache, body pain, nausea and many more. DOT SHOT consists of Curcumin extracted from Turmeric, which allows keeping your liver protected and reduces blood acetaldehyde levels. So, Gulp down one entire bottle of DOT SHOT after your drinking session or before going to bed to Avoid Hangover Headache and Wake Up Fresh.

  1. Get some sleep

“Ultimately, one of the simplest methods to cure a hangover is to sleep it off,” Doctor says. “When suffering through a hangover, our bodies are in a diminished state, and no longer up to fighting a hangover or its symptoms.”

So in case you wake up feeling hungover after a night time of drinking, you might need to cancel your plans for the day and curl up back into bed—after consuming a big glass of water and enjoying an excellent breakfast, of course. By giving our bodies the time they need to recover and regroup.

No one wants to hear it, but let’s face it, the best tip to avoid a hangover is to simply drink less!