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How to Make Your Cell Phone Battery Last Longer

As we know that in Today’s World every Smartphones is like a small Personal Computers and as this are working on 4G LTE configuration this phones cannot Handled High Speed internet Data for Long Time,Also Battery Drainage continue when we Forget to disable our Mobile Data. It hardly Works upto 6 to 8 Hrs constantly. Sometimes we watch online Videos on YouTube, playing Online Games like COC (Clash of Clans) and CR (Clash Royal), Watching HD movies,Spend Time on Social Media’s like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter Chat With our Friends, Online Video Calling using WhatsApp,Google Duo, Download large amount of files; After that our smartphones batteries are hardly Sustain upto 3 to 4 Hrs.

As We can’t plug our phones for charging 24*7 Hrs, it’s obviously not possible; Because we do lots of day-to-day activities like going to Office/College or other places, House Hold Works, Traveling, and other things in a day. Hence it’s very Hard to charge our smart phones when we are outside the home and unfortunately it’s switch off after 8 Hrs.

  • Adjust your brightness to as low as possible (Screen are major power killer)
  • Turn off mobile data wherever possible, instead try to use WiFi, wherever possible
  • Avoid apps which keep running in background (They kill data, memory and battery)
  • Reduce the screen timeout time. This way, it keeps display on for a lesser time. This amounts to decent battery saving as many times your phone will receive an SMS (or a call) and you won’t be able to look at it.
  • Remove the Facebook’s native app. Seriously, do this. It keeps an active connection 24/7 with its server and thus takes up a lot of energy. Use mobile site instead.
  • Switch off data network when you know you would not (or should not?) be using your phone for sometime. As a side note, if you’re not using maps or geo location features, you should not have GPS mode turned on.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi if you don’t have any connection or will be using the mobile data.
  • Turn off Audible touch tones, Audible selection, Haptic feedback and Screen lock sound in Settings > Sound. Unnecessary use of energy which can be avoided without any incovenience.
  • Don’t let apps keep running in background. Keep shutting them down regularly.
  • Go to Settings > Applications >  Running services. Find all the apps which are running and shut the ones you don’t really need. This alone can pay huge amount of dividend.
  • Regularly monitor Memory usage option present in Settings > Applications. You’ll find apps which take most of your memory and energy. Remove the ones which take most amount energy and isn’t proportionately useful.
  • Don’t use Live wallpapers. They use energy for the whole time the phone is in on state. Use static images, ideally of smaller size. If it’s 3 MB photograph, try reducing the size of photo before putting it as a wallpaper. It takes too much of memory everytime you turn on your screen.


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