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How Shop101 can Help you Earn Money from Home amid COVID

The pandemic hit us by surprise but became the new normal in no time. This affected a lot of people, financially, as the economy took a big hit. From people losing their jobs to employees experiencing salary cuts, it’s been a tough year. However, we want to show you that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, you could still make this year count by taking up a work from home job. Let us tell you about one of the best ways to earn money online and how you can use this time productively. 

Speaking of work from home online jobs, most options available are either skill-based or qualification-based. Most types of jobs you’re looking for, will depend on these two factors. That being said, how much money you can earn from a work from home online job depends entirely on the number of hours you put in and the nature of the job you take up. So if you’re planning a switch or are considering an online part-time job, these are some key aspects that you will need to take into account.

Having said that, we have some good news for you! The good news is that there is the possibility of earning money from home without investment, prior experience and something that’s a risk-free option for you. This option is called online reselling. In the recent past, this niche has gained a lot of popularity because of the ease of functionality that it offers. But, you may wonder how one can run a successful business without an investment right? Well, there are multiple online reselling apps/websites out there that allow its users to create their very own online store. One such store that boasts of a zero investment and risk-free business model is Shop101.

How does Shop101 work?

Shop101 is an online reselling app that allows you to create an online store for free. It is an app that has formed a community of resellers over a period of time, all of whom, are running their businesses successfully online. In fact, there’s also a referral option for anyone who wants to bring more resellers on board. Getting straight to the point, how has the Shop101 app helped others earn money from home? Especially during the pandemic, how have they managed to generate business? Let’s find out.

A 3 Step Guide to Running an Online Reselling Business with Shop101

Pick your products

On signing up with Shop101, all you need to do is pick the products that you like and add them to your store. If you haven’t chosen a niche, it is alright. You can still see what has worked with the customers, find out about the hot-selling products and categories and pick accordingly. Shop101 has a product catalogue with tons of products to choose from; apparels, kitchen appliances, home décor etc. being the popular ones.

Share them

Unless you share your products with others, your sales aren’t going to pick up as steadily as you’d like. Whether it means sharing with friends and family through word of mouth or sharing them on social media channels, it will work in your favour. Get your brand out there, make your digital presence felt and find platforms to engage with your customers. Facebook marketplace, WhatsApp, Instagram seem to be ruling the reselling market. Share product images, along with descriptions, on your social media business accounts. This helps in sales and also helps you connect with others and learn how they do things too. 

Earn your margins

When you add your products to the online store, you also add the margins on each of these products. Only after the products have reached the customer, does your margin get credited into the account. Shop101 releases payments on every Friday. So if you want to earn a considerable amount from your online reselling business, you will first need to share them on different channels and then build customer loyalty that complements it.

What’s more?

So, all that Shop101 needs from you is a little bit of your time and a smartphone. The app is so user-friendly that almost anyone with basic knowledge of a smartphone can access it with ease. As long as your phone has good internet access to connect to the app without a glitch, that’s all that matters!

Also, you can also create your very own website with Shop101 as well. If you thought social media accounts were enough for sharing, send out website links and see. A website is like a stamp of assurance about your services. Having a website ensures a more professional look and feel for your business and a portal which you can share as deemed fit. In fact, the more business pages or digital presence you have, the more chances at succeeding in this online reselling business gig. 

With the indefinite time period of this pandemic, this is definitely something you should consider if you want to add to your income. Instead of worrying about your regular job, you could use that time productively and sign up with Shop101 to get the ball rolling. Taking up an online job not only fixes your career gap, if any, but it also helps you become financially independent, experienced and helps you fulfil your entrepreneurial dream.


If running your own business has been a lingering thought, now is the time to actually make it happen. Shop101 gives you the perfect opportunity to earn money from home using just your smartphone. You don’t need to set up a desk at home, nor do you need to commute anywhere. In fact, this is a job that you can do on the go. Also, since staying home and staying safe is what we need to follow, let’s add “staying productive” to this list and sign up with Shop101.

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