You are currently viewing Grab up to 30% off on Breakfast Essentials only on Amazon

Grab up to 30% off on Breakfast Essentials only on Amazon

Shop for your favourite breakfast essentials online to save your time and energy. You no longer need to waste time every week queuing up at the grocery store when you can order your breakfast essentials online from Amazon. Amazon is your one stop store for all your breakfast needs. Save the time you spent on weekly shopping trips and visit Amazon today. Grab amazing deals using amazing Amazon Coupons and gain more profit.

Amazon is the most trusted online store in the world. With its customer friendly approach, easy return policy, smooth payment options and free shipping facility, it is the easiest way to shop for your daily needs.

Here is the list of some discounted breakfast essentials which you can buy:

Yogabars – Breakfast Protein Bars (Blueberry Pie, Pack of 6)

It is available at 3% discount for Rs. 290. This is a product you want to stock up on. This completely natural product has no artificial ingredients or added preservatives. These crunchy, chewy bars are made up of healthy ingredients like quinoa, oats, millets, almonds, peanuts, flax and chia seeds. You shall never miss breakfast again as you hurry and rush for a busy day. While you leave, pick up one of these bars on the go. This powerhouse of nutrition and energy has healthy protein, antioxidants, omega 3’s and fiber.

Soulfull Diet Millet Muesli, 400g

There is 8% discount on Soulfull Diet Millet Muesli, 400g and you can buy it for Rs. 225 on Amazon. It is a healthy breakfast cereal made out of millet and ragi. This product is made of whole grains. It has nothing but the healthy grains in it. It has no added sugar, so you need not worry about excess sugar intake. Neither does it have any added preservatives. It has high fiber.

Kellogg’s Muesli Crunchy Fruit and Nut, 750 g

Shop for Kellogg’s Muesli Crunchy Fruit and Nut, 750 g from Amazon and get a 10% discount. You can buy it for Rs.359. It boasts 5 ingredients that are full of nutrients- Wheat, Oats, Rice, Corn and Barley. Along with this, it has 5 additional ingredients- dried fruits- papaya, apple, peach, raisins & nut. Just imagine how delicious the end product will be! Now your breakfast will be rich in fiber, iron and vitamin C, while you say your goodbye to cholesterol. Indulge your palate at the very start of the day because a tasty breakfast in the morning sets your mood for the day. Full of nourishment and delectable, this deserves to be on your breakfast plate.

Bagrry’s White Oats, 1kg

Buy Bagrry’s White Oats, 1kg with Free Bagrry’s White Oats, 200g at a massive 21% discount on Amazon. Its original price Rs.199 has been slashed down to Rs.145. High in fiber and protein, this breakfast will be the best friend to your heart. It may also helpful for your high blood pressure problems. Made of 100% whole grains, these are packed in a safe manner that preserves its nutrition. These are handpicked from the finest oat fields across the world. Make yourself a tasty porridge in a matter of seconds.

Urban Platter Breakfast Cereal, 350g

Amazon is giving you an offer that you cannot reject. Buy Urban Platter Breakfast Cereal, 350g (Chocolate and Mixed Fruit Flavours) at an unbelievably large 60% discount. It originally costs Rs.250 but costs only Rs.99 on Amazon. It comes in a zipper stand up pouch and is exceedingly convenient to store or carry around. It has chocolate mixed fruit flavour. Serve it to your kids and watch them finish up their bowl in the twinkling of an eye.

MTR 3 Minute Breakfast Khatta Meetha Poha Pouch, 60g

There is a 20% discount on MTR 3 Minute Breakfast Khatta Meetha Poha Pouch, 60g. You can buy it on Amazon for Rs.16 only. Now you need to just add some hot water, and you can have steaming hot poha in a matter of 3 minutes. It is a delicious way to have traditional Indian healthy breakfast to begin your day. Ask any fitness expert, and they will suggest you include poha in your morning diet if you want to lose weight fast. Easy to make, this healthy and light food can be eaten for breakfast as well as for snacks.

Betty Crocker Pancake Mix, Original 500g

Enjoy a 7% discount on Betty Crocker Pancake Mix, Original 500g and buy it for Rs.1717 exclusively on Amazon. Now it is easier than ever to make light, fluffy, American style pancakes at home. You no longer need to order from expensive restaurants every time you feel a craving for delicious pancakes. Fry golden pancakes that are as light as air. Make thick and fluffy pancakes that come out perfect every single time! This breakfast is something that you and your family will fall in love with. It is ready to be the new favourite breakfast in your home. It is easy to make and delicious, and therefore, the go-to dish on busy mornings. Buy this pancake mix and make perfectly stackable, light and fluffy pancakes that are so perfect for your weekend brunch.

So, make your daily breakfast healthy and delicious at cheapest cost with all these amazing discounted food items.

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