Deathstroke Will Be Main Villain in Ben Affleck’s ‘The Batman’

by Harsh Vardhan Posted on

Anyone familiar with DC Comics should recognize that armor immediately: it’s Deathstroke, a gun-for-hire who has crossed paths with Batman and his associated many times in the comics. He appears to be standing in the belly of a plane.

While the character in the video is unmistakably Deathstroke — no one else wears that armor — the video’s purpose is less clear. Affleck shared the video with no comment attached, and there’s no audio in the short clip.

A camera pan toward the end reveals that the video is playing on a small monitor in some kind of workspace. In the absence of any other details, we just have to speculate about what’s going on here.

Indeed, much of the speculation around the internet about this video is making the assumption that it goes with Justice League. That’s the movie in production right now, so it makes sense.

But Affleck is also directing a standalone Batman movie. What if this isn’t raw footage fromJustice League, but rather an early screen test for Affleck’s movie? Deathstroke is an easier fit in a Batman story, but he’s not a heavy enough villain to pose a threat for the assembled Justice League.

It seems clear that Deathstroke is going to appear in some kind of DC-related movie — why share the video otherwise? — but which one? That’s going to remain a mystery for now.


Harsh Vardhan

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