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Breathe Clean and Pure air with Hicare Blueair Purifiers

Most people in India take health for granted. But health, in long term, is created by avoiding health risks from the beginning. Making smart lifestyle choices for our health and well-being must go beyond diet and exercise, and extend even to the air we breathe. Every day our bodies are exposed to small amounts of toxins, carcinogens, and organic pollutants, and over the course of our lives this can have a very harmful effect, and lead to an increased risk of serious diseases. The same is true for all inhaled pollutants, many of which are exuded by the unassuming objects in our house, such as – carpet, furniture, and the very materials our home was built from. Indoor air pollution is among the top five environmental health risks recognized globally!

In India poor air quality is not only urban, but also a nationwide problem that is popularly viewed as outside the home pollution. Whilst we need to urgently address this need with solutions and better products. Air quality has become a major health, political and economic issue in India in recent years. Nearly 98% of the urban population is exposed to poor air quality and according to the World Economic Forum, 13 of the world’s 20 most polluted cities are in India.

So what are air purifiers?

Air purifiers are appliances that aid in removing pollutants from air. They are very helpful in reducing the risk of stroke, heart disease, lung cancer and respiratory diseases like asthma, Bronchitis etc. Air purifiers are not only of great aid to people who have health issues, but also to prevent health problems in the future for everyone as they help in cleaning the tiniest particles in the air.

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HICARE, the market leader in pest control in India, has tied up with Blueair, the global market leader in air  purifier segment, to bring the finest range of air purifiers in India. The aim is to ensure the India breaths healthy and stays clear of any disorders that the current hazardous air quality causes. The usage of Air Purifiers is increasing, due to awareness of the environmental health hazards. The air quality outdoor varies and depends on things such as emissions from industries and traffic exhaust etc. An air purifier from Blueair removes airborne particulate matter upto 0.3 microns PM 2.5 and deadly gases like SO2, NO2, O3 and VOC’s thereby greatly reducing the health associated with breathing poor quality indoor air.

Hepa Silent Filter

Blueair purifiers are best in class with the HEPASilent Filtration  that aid in cleaning the air around that is circulated. They help get rid of contaminants and impurities from the air. Blueair is made of the most environmentally friendly polymers available, producing only water and carbon dioxide as it decomposes. Selecting steel over plastic allows the unit to be recycled without degradation of material properties or off gassing. 

HICARE and Blueair has introduced this stellar range of purifiers including Blue pure211, Blueair Classic 280i, 480i, 680i models . They have built-in clean air intelligence technology that integrates seamlessly with an app or a sleek Blueair Aware air monitor that helps consumer better understand pollutants indoor and speedily remove the contaminants. The Blueair Classic also offers an improved clean air delivery rate (CADR), filtering 20 percent more air on the faster speed setting and a substantially lower noise level and power consumption thanks to improved fan technology.

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Blueair Purifiers are available for booking and purchase from 8th Feb, 2017 on and on calling this number – 3988-9988 with prices starting at Rs. 24,990/ onwards. These products are best in class, excellent value for money and very suitable for the discerning Indian home. Designed to fit your sense of style, the sleek Blueair unit fits seamlessly into any home or office. Its contemporary look has earned it the ‘Good Design Award’ 2016, by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies, ‘Excellent Swedish Design’ honoring the best of Scandinavian design, ‘G Mark’ Japan’s Good Design Award, by Japan’s Institute of Design Promotion.

So, what are you waiting for? #BringCleanAirBackHome Now!

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