Bollywood Stars Perform with International Production in Ground-breaking Music for Empowerment

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“Bring the power vibe to one world!”
KK, Akriti Kakkar, Karthik and Bhoomi Trivedi have released a new music video and single for social good. In collaboration with producer Queen Be! and international artists Massive Vibe,Yo! Be the Power is a song with a singularly powerful message for a better world for all.
Through the artists’ wish to use their passion for music to be of benefit in the world, the song brings a fusion sound with lyrics that speak to the heart of all people, calling for all religions,nations and cultures to come together in empowerment and peace.
The music video was released worldwide on 17 November on You Tube with stunning visuals merged with familiar Indian street scenes, bringing the magic of reality into the everyday life.Singer Karthik says, “There’s nothing like spreading a good message through music.”
“Shakti Benao!” is the call of the song to remind everyone to ‘Be the power!’.

Massive Vibe Live! produced and lyrics by Queen Be! is an international music phenomenon, purposed to bring everyone’s beneficial power alive. The powerful lyrics, striking visuals and lively music inspire and empower the audience, giving them an unforgettable experience which shines on into daily life.Catch them as they perform through India until April 2017.


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