You are currently viewing #BMWInsideOut- An exclusive event by BMW Deutsche Motoren to uncover the secrets of BMW cars

#BMWInsideOut- An exclusive event by BMW Deutsche Motoren to uncover the secrets of BMW cars

There’s a certain appeal that BMW offers, it’s luxurious, sporty, stylish and highly fuel efficient. Especially, when there are brands out there that make these mutually exclusive. Recently, I got an invite from BMW Deutsche Motoren for #BMWInsideOut, an exclusive event that gave a chance to their customers to join BMW’s Service Engineers, to get a thorough understanding of all the intelligent technologies that makes BMW a revolutionary machine. The event was hosted at their Sector 63, Noida showroom and I never expected it to be such a grand affair.

After reaching their Noida outlet for the event, we were greeted warmly by the BMW Deutsche Motoren employees. The event kicked off with a welcome speech by After sales service head Mr Sanjay who shared a brief idea about the services that are being provided by BMW Deutsche Motoren to their customers. BMW Deutsche Motoren has been associated with BMW India as being the oldest dealer in the National Capital Region (NCR). Since 2007 they have observed continuous growth with their presence through 4 facilities in Delhi/NCR, meeting the ever-increasing demand for world-class BMW products and services. BMW Deutsche Motoren houses an ultra-modern showroom in Sector 63, Noida which is spread over 90,611 sq. ft.

After the welcome speech, we went to the basement area where they showed us how the entire painting process takes place. BMW Deutsche Motoren has a dedicated paint booth for different layers of paint application like denting area, feather edging area, putty application, putty sandling, primer, primer sandling, base coat line and clear coat along with a Car-O-Liner : The Body Straightening bay which brings the bent car back in shape. It mainly involves the benchrack systems which are designed to hold and lift virtually any type of unibody or full frame vehicle. All repair and service operations can be performed quickly and effectively using this setup. Click on the link to experience the virtual 360º walkthrough of the mammoth facility here (

We also had a session on why customers should always go for BMW genuine spares. Non-genuine and aftermarket parts may always look similar but they often come in different dimensions and from their original counterparts and the  reason customers should opt for genuine spares is that they are always made or selected  by BMW and rigorously tested which forms an integral component of the vehicle to meet high quality, safety and performance standards. When you purchase and install a genuine part, you’re assured that your vehicle will run at optimal performance for years to come. Non -genuine parts may come cheap but they always pose high risks and don’t necessarily promise the same quality and safety attributes that come with a genuine part.

After the session on genuine & Non-genuine parts, we had a walk through the service bays where their engineers  attend and service up to 130 cars per day which in itself is a big number. BMW Deutsche Motoren also provides Fast Lane services where customers can get their car serviced within the agreed period of time by making an appointment. Fast Lane services provide a quality range of services and repairs carried out with typical BMW expertise by in the shortest possible time which includes maintenance work, wear and tear repairs, wheels and tyre change and cosmetic repairs. Moreover, the advantage of using fast lane services is that they don’t charge any additional cost and you can get your vehicle restored to perfect working order by the agreed time. We also saw the special toolkit and equipment that BMW Deutsche Motoren have been using for servicing cars. They have a different set of tools and equipment to do a broad range of work which is primarily used by their highly skilled service engineers and technicians who are capable of fixing all vehicle issues.

After taking the tour of service bays, we took the lift to come to the main area where we all were surprised by the dramatic entry and massive display of the frozen black BMW M4 which was recently displayed at the Auto Expo 2018. BMW M4 has a high revving 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight-six engine along with a host of features like  M Performance steering wheel with Race display, automatic start/stop function, Rear Diffuser carbon, RDCi Wheel – Tyre set Ferricgrey polished brake energy regeneration, electric power steering, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) , Anti-lock Brakes (ABS) etc. BMW Individual paint finishes are the benchmark in terms of depth and brilliance and the result is a visible statement of your very own personal style.

The BMW 3 Series GT Engine was also on display in the main area which incorporates BMW’s award-winning high precision direct injection, valvetronic and double-vanos technologies and Twin Power Turbo technology for smooth performance. We were also made aware of the key reasons why it is necessary to change engine oil at regular intervals for better engine performance. Oil mainly lubricates and protects the engine from wear and damage and also helps in keeping other engine parts and components moving and running properly. So for better engine performance, routine oil changes must be done.

BMW Deutsche Motoren also has reasonable repair and service packages to make sure their customers enjoy driving to the full extent. Having BMW Repair inclusive (BRI) or BMW Service Inclusive (BSI) packages gives an added benefit to customers as they don’t have to waste a moment thinking about the cost of maintenance, inspection or wear and tear for a certain period of time. It’s an all-inclusive package with different duration and mileages. Moreover it saves time and money.

BMW Deutsche Motoren also offers its customers a complete range of original BMW accessories. The BMW Lifestyle Collection features high-quality materials, contemporary cuts and special details. Discover for yourself the new BMW Lifestyle Collection, where life is a statement. BMW Lifestyle M Collection represents pure dynamism. True to their name, they are designed with sheer precision and available at reasonable prices.

BMW Deutsche Motoren strongly believes in providing world-class services to its clients and ensuring high customer satisfaction. Their service experts not only help provide the best service but also recommend the best solutions in retrofitting accessories. BMW Deutsche Motoren has the largest BMW vehicle service capacity in India with 128 service bays that can service 500 cars daily.

The event finally ended with Bonnet sign off where everyone got a chance to express their thoughts about the event. Overall it was a great initiative taken by BMW Deutsche Motoren to showcase all their products and high-quality premium services and their commitment of delivering the best to their customers.

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