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Best Horoscope API for bloggers and media outlets

Finding a good daily horoscope api or an astrology content service is a daunting task. There is a long list of providers where some lack quality content, non-reliable or integration with website or app is not easy for a non-techie.

This was the case until I found the horoscopes api by good folks at Ask Oracle. They have a cool horoscope widget that can be easily embedded into your sidebar or any dedicated section of the website, take 2 minutes and it’s done. They also have a horoscope wordpress plugin with shortcodes to make it even easier for non-programmers.

They also offer a horoscope REST API service for deeper integration with web apps, mobile apps or chat bots. We just need the api with system date and time and it returns daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes in JSON format.

The best part is content quality — highly accurate predictions with a grammatically correct and high standard English is a rare thing. It’s a great addition to any news blog or website for daily refreshed content and create additional value for subscribers at no extra cost or effort.

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