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Are You Drinking Water the Right Way?

Water, is a gift that Mother Nature have blessed us with. We all need water, every living creature on the planet needs water to survive, grow and multiply. Even the human body is composed of 75% water and conduct all the essential functionalities in the body. It is vital for carrying all the essential nutrients to different parts of our body. It plays a pivotal role in cleaning our organ and other parts from harmful toxin and waste that accumulates.

But saying so, and counting on the benefits of water, it is also true that just like there are rule and way of eating food, there are for consuming water and probably some of it, you may not be aware of also.

Noted below are the right ways to follow for drinking water and getting the maximum out from it.

  • Drink slow and drink sitting: If you see in our vedic culture, it has been advised to sit and rink water. Even scientists and health experts says that the best way to get the maximum benefit from drinking water is to sit and drink. It is so because when we stand up and drink the water the water moves down the colon faster and not allowing time for the body to absorb all the vital nutrients that it is carrying along.

The second aspect is drinking it slowly and not hurriedly. It means sipping water and not gulping it. There are many reasons behind it. Majorly, because our saliva in the mouth is alkaline in nature and slowly drinking water will allow it to mix with the saliva, thereby, neutralizing the acids in the stomach. The next is that it helps soothing the digestive system and finally it can upset our stomach if we drink at one go.

  • Every time you go for loo, drink water after: It is basically to develop a cycle of drinking water. You will have to get up and go for a bathroom break by default and on your way back sip some water. It has two benefits – firstly you will develop a habit to drink water every time you reach out for a break and secondly the more you drink the more you will take breaks, meaning drinking more water.   
  • Never drink too cold water: Drinking luke warm or room temperature water is best. Too cold water can damage and kill the digestive juices and shock the senses. It is said that drinking cold water during meals can turn toxic for digestion. Moreover, water at luke warm or room temperature is satisfying and quenches the thirst by signaling the body that you had water.                                             
  • Sip some before meals but don’t sip too much: It is good to sip some water before meals, but not immediately before meals. Say for example, drink some when you your food is almost ready and waiting to be served on the table. Firstly, it will create a habit of having water and secondly, it will ease you stomach for the food to come and later perform the digestive function. As per health experts, when we have had our meal, our stomach should be half filled with food, 25% water and 25% empty for easy movement during digestion.

Follow the right timings to drink water: Follow the mentioned timings and guidelines for drinking water:

  • In the morning : two glasses as soon as you get up
  • Before meals : a glass before every meals atleast 20 to 30 minutes prior
  • Before showers : a glass before going
  • Before bedtime : a glass before going to the bed
  • Before workout : a glass before and a glass after


  • Always avoid drinking from bottle.
  • Never drink all at one time.
  • Have more when you are ill.


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