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Angel Broking ARQ – The perfect Investment Guide for smart investors

In India, people always seem confused when  it comes to trading or investing anything. Most brokers and financial advisors take due advantage when people contact them to best manage their finances. They also charge a hefty price for their investment advice. To solve this issue and provide users with more insights and analytics , Angel Broking have designed a pioneering automated investment engine called ARQ that helps  secure maximum returns on investments in equity stocks and for Mutual Funds. ARQ’s advisory is based on a model whose performance has been optimized to provide recommendations with high outperformance and strike rates.

How ARQ works

ARQ is basically a recommendation engine that provides different investment options to the investor based on their:

  • User Age
  • Risk appetite
  • Investment behavior
  • Experience
  • Portfolio risk etc

ARQ is based on the principles of Nobel laureate Harry Markowitz’s modern portfolio theory. The logical engine behind ARQ uses these concepts to build you a diversified portfolio, based on your risk profile. The non-interference of human minds is the biggest advantage that the engine can provide to its clients while analyzing the situation. Often human minds are not free from bias and stereotypes which have a direct effect on the decision- making ability. From the process of interpreting your data, to tabulating your responses to sifting through mountains of data and ideas to giving you a unique solution; the entire process is automated. ARQ is, thus, a well-organized robo advisory service at your fingertips.

Benefit of using ARQ

  • ARQ is an investment engine from Angel Broking that gives customers solutions that is uniquely suited to their specific needs and requirements. The references are tailored to suit your ability to take risks across various assets such as mutual funds, gold investment and the like.
  • ARQ provides investment recommendations based on future potential rather than merely linking them to past records
  • ARQ also analyses your financial needs and gives you suggestions designed for you to achieve your financial goals faster.
  • ARQ is not a portfolio management service (PMS). Hence there is no question of minimum investment  required for ARQ. With no requirement for minimal investment amount, you can invest as per your available budget and continue to earn optimal returns on your investments.
  • ARQ has achieved to effectively influence the subjects of non-flexibility and ‘off-the-shelf’ assistances that retail financiers previously faced and turned it into a prospect by providing tailored solutions for individuals, thereby attaining credibility in the market.

Features of ARQ

  • Deep Industry Insights
  • Personal Investment Advisory Capability
  • Highest Return Options.
  • ARQ keeps tracking your Portfolio 24*7
  • Advanced Technology

ARQ is available to all Angel Broking customers through the Angel Broking App. By using the ARQ, you are being your own fund manager. It is extremely easy to use and is also available free of cost to the clients of Angel Broking. In fact, since it is accessible through an App you can consult it at any time of the day or night as opposed to human consultations which have limited working hours. The Angel Broking engine is a break through investment technology which is slowly gathering momentum in the market and changing the way people think while investing. You can get more information about this path breaking launch through the Angel Broking Website.

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