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10 Thrilling Experiences at Premium Jungle Resorts

The escalating commercialization of natural landscapes has led all of us to live a life closed in indoor surroundings and that is why staying in nature is what we search in our holidays and travel trips. Nowadays, if you are a nature as well as animal lover, Premium Jungle resorts are the perfect destination for wildlife explorers to spend their time close to animals and their habitats plus getting away from teeming hustle-bustle of towns and cities to a more Keatsian landscape and appreciating the importance of nature on our minds. While most of the people plan a trip to any hill station or holiday havens, a visit to these jungle resorts can give you a break from the same common places that are explored by most of the travelers.

So, here we are with the top list of thrilling experiences that you can at these amazing premium jungle resorts that are not only created with a vibe of bringing human beings, animals and nature close to each other but also showing us how we have been underestimating the healing power of flora and fauna in our lives.

1. The Oberoi Vanya Vilas, Ranthambore

The Oberoi Vanya Vilas, Ranthambore

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The Oberoi Vanya Vilas Resort provides its guests with the lavish services of a rejuvenation spa, refreshing pool, Thai and Indian dishes for dining and beautifully adorned rooms. If you want to spend your night after exploring the jungles of Ranthambore, then this place is very sumptuous and prolific to stay in. Also, the theme here is that of remaking the aura of Royal palaces made for Kings after their hunting days and you will surely feel like a royal personality after staying here. Other famous resorts of Ranthambore are Aman-I-Khas, The Tigress and Khem Vilas. Check details on:

2. Aman-I-Khas, Ranthambore

Aman-I-Khas, Ranthambore

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Aman-I-Khas is available for tourists from October to May months and comprises of ten deluxe tents which are built surrounded by the wilds. Apart from these finely constructed tents, there are also three tents for spa, dining and lounge. Activities accessible to visitors staying here is tiger sighting and also exploring the forests and nearby villages of Ranthambore. Created with a resemblance to the tents of ancient Mughal kings, this resort is quite equipped with all the services and offers thrilling experiences that every wildlife traveler is looking for.

3. Kaziranga Resort, Assam

Kaziranga Resort, Assam

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Kaziranga Resort is set in the oldest national park in India, i.e. Kaziranga National Park and also gives various tours offer to the explorers who come to stay here. The structural design of this resort is brilliantly created for the comfort of the lodgers and thus services are also satisfying. Kaziranga National Park is known for especially one-horned rhinos, elephants and India Nilgiri bulls. Rooms, cottages and lavish rooms are present and with the tours for Jungle safaris to discover the world heritage site of Kaziranga National Park at its best. If you are planning to visit Kaziranga, you will find all the important information on:

4. Sunderban Mangrove Resort, Sunderban

Sunderban Mangrove Resort, Sunderban

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This place is located more close to the country side with less luxury facilities and more rustic type of living. Sunderbans of West Bengal are greatly popular for the Royal Bengal Tigers and this jungle resort also gives tours to the guests around the lovely forests of Sunderban and also sighting the mighty Royal Bengal Tiger. Bonbibi Yatra named a tribal performance is also organized for the lodgers making this resort a contenting yet exciting experience. To check details for Sunderban Wildlife Sanctuary, visit:

5. Royal Tiger Resort, Kanha

Royal Tiger Resort, Kanha

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Royal Tiger Resort located near the Kanha National Park is another premium retreat for those tripping to Madhya Pradesh’s Kanha National Park. It has verdant cottages for the guests and the bonfire is also carried out in the evening after the jungle expeditions. Also, a dance performance is also done by the nearby artists of Begga village. You will find all the details related to Kanha National Park on:

6. Cardamom County, Periyar National Park

Cardamom County, Periyar National Park

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This spot at Kerala’s exciting Tiger Reserve and Periyar National Park avails greenery setting and has cottages with plentiful facilities, thus providing both rustic and luxury simultaneously. What’s more is a restaurant, a recreational bar as well as an Ayurvedic getaway for the guests to make your stay more mindful and healthy. Check: before planning your trip to Periyar National Park.

7. Tusker Trails, Bandhipur National Park, Karnataka

Tusker Trails, Bandhipur National Park, Karnataka

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Bandhipur National Park is renowned for its tigers, sloth bears, leopards, jackals, deers and elephants, and this entertainment resort aims at presenting a great view of Bandhipur National Park. Either you want to see the tigers from here or to venture expeditions, this place is ideal for both types of travelers.

8. Claridges Corbett Hideaway, Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

Claridges Corbett Hideaway, Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

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This site is another premium place to stay in when you visit Jim Corbett National Park. Claridges Corbett Hideaway has a restaurant with a view to Kosi River, premium services to travel the national park, drinking bar, library, pool and greatly abundant cottages to assure the guests for a perfect hideaway. You will find rest of the details for Jim Corbett National Park on:

9. The Taj Gateway Hotel, Gir, Gujarat

The Taj Gateway Hotel, Gir, Gujarat

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It is situated in front of the beautiful Hiran River and the resort supplies the entire premium and deluxe services including airy and attractive rooms and an assisting hotel staff. The space overlooking the Gir forest is what makes this place well-appointed and a must to stay at.

10. Aranyak Resort, Bandhavgarh

Aranyak Resort, Bandhavgarh

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Equipped with a lush pool, massage spa and an exclusive restaurant, this haven lets us incarcerate the spirit of forest during your expedition at Bandhavgarh. Given an artistic Bamboo look, it gives you the thrill and simplicity of living at a village and venturing into a plush countryside.

Hence, the above quoted Jungle resorts are a must to try in your trip to travelling around the National parks and wildlife sanctuaries of India. Living in these premium retreats is itself an ecstatic experience coming along with the expeditions to discovering the sanctuaries and habitats of animals in India.

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