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Panktel Teleservices Limited is an External Telecommunications Service Provider and a leading provider of international wholesale carrier services.

They are consistently providing reliable and high-quality wholesale long distance IP Voice, data and network services for carriers, data service providers, re sellers, ISPs, calling card companies and businesses worldwide.dscn0540

At PankTel, they are committed to be your trusted communications partner, not just your vendor. Their mission is to help you build business by providing you with the best communications solutions built on state of the art technology and high quality products and support services.

Their experts are having industry experience in finance, I.T. and network management and operations, PankTel is playing a leading role across a broad range of industry activities, built successful businesses and created sustainable long-term relationships with our partners.

PankTel collapses the barriers of distance, time zones and language to fuse IP and traditional technologies and create a seamless interface between the old and the new for maximum flexibility.

PankTel utilizes the state of the art Multi-Protocol Session Exchange (MSX) and Real-Time Session Manager (RSM) to manage its SIP and H323 VoIP traffic.


Wholesale VoIP Termination Made Easy

The Panktel portal provides you with full real time control, empowering you to proactively manage dscn0495your voice termination business. Their wholesale VoIP services include:

  • Prepaid Wholesale Voice Termination

    No unnecessary credit checks or endless forms, just immediate access to a full service portal, so you can start terminating your wholesale minutes instantly.

  • Top-Quality Wholesale VoIP For You and Your Customers.

    They achieve this through a combination of an industry leading platform,a global interconnected network and unique international retail distribution. Connect to a Tier 1 network in 147 countries with capacity for 5 billion minutes per month.

  • Wholesale VoIP from Panktel: The Smart Choice

    Panktel is one of the largest wholesale voice termination suppliers in the world, with over 33 billion minutes terminated per year. With 571 direct interconnects and industry leading A-Z rates, it makes sense that companies looking to enter the wholesale termination business would choose Panktel


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