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Facebook is widely known and has been one of the most popular social networking site for all ages of people and has become an addiction. It has a number of subscribers till date. People are not really aware of how to navigate and how to make use of the cool apps that Facebook offers these days on a daily basis. This piece would try its best to help you to make and manage most out of your Facebook profile.

Appearing Online Just to a selected number of friends:

Facebook messages stand to be a most useful feature on Facebook as it is the most used application which is also available as a messenger. The problem arises when we have a huge friendlist where most of the friends are not known and we are not willing to talk to all of them. Also, we cannot let them feel like if we are rejecting them while we don’t reply to their message. It is possible to appear online just to selected friends.

How it works:

You need to go to the chat which is there on the right side of the page, you just have to click on the advanced settings. You will see a pop-up window saying “turn on chat for all friends, except….”Now you can start adding the friend’s name, the people you don’t want to appear online to. Now you are completely invisible to them. Give it a try.

You can quickly upload Photos from Picasa Application to Facebook:

It has been challenging to find alternatives for photo hosting application. So, Picasa is the one. This application is useful for sharing and organizing photos which are related to various events. It has various exciting features of which one stands to be the ability to upload pictures directly on FB through your FB account. You just need to download and install the latest version of Picasa. Once you are done with the installation you need to install the plug-in and finally add a new Facebook button to Picasa. You can now start uploading your photos through Picasa.

Facebook Android App

Facebook App has billions of downloads in Android App and Messenger. It makes life of one easier to see notifications and messages in one go. You don’t need to go to Web again and again. Not only facebook App, even Android as a whole makes life of one easier. You can learn different type of Android Tutorials like facebook login using android app.

Change of font in your status:

Facebook status update has only one font by default, but there is a way to change font. By using third party service you can change the font of your status. The site allows you to change the fonts. So, you can visit and change the font of your Facebook status.

Magic Circles on Facebook:

The cool magic circle that appears on the page is one of the many hidden features you’ll find on Facebook. You can try it out by pressing up, up-again, down, down-again, left, then right, then left again, and then right again, then press B, pressA then enter key, and finally press up and down.

If it does not work on the first try, try to reload the page again by pressing F5 and the process will be repeated.

You can turn your Profile picture into an animated GIF. :

By using Facebook mobile application, you need to select your profile picture and choose the option “Take a NEW Profile Video”. You can also upload a short video loop. It results in a mixture of an animated GIF and moving picture frame.

You can turn off auto-playing videos in News Feed:

In case you don’t want videos on Facebook to play automatically which come up in News feed, you need to turn your setting off. For this, you need to go to “more” tab present in the Facebook application on your mobile phone and select “Videos and Photos. “There you can choose to autoplay video and select if you need to play them over a cellular network, WiFi connection or both, or never.

There’s a difference between a “friend” and a “follower”:

These are the two different ways by which you can get connected to people over Facebook either by being friends or by following people. When you become friends it means that you people are hopefully known to each other whereas the following someone is that the person is not in your friend list. If someone is following you, the person can see your post only if they are public. You can turn off the service of people following you anytime by using the features present in the “Followers” section in the account settings.

You can hide your post from specific people:

You can select the sharing options for your post on the basis of the situation from the drop down menu present on the top right side of your post. If you are using a Mobile application you can simply select the “Edit Privacy” option and select the option according to your preference. If you don’t want some specific person to see your post, there is an option to hide it by just selecting “Friends Except” and in the case of desktops and laptops use “Custom”.

There are still a number of features present on Facebook about which we are not aware of inspite of using Facebook on a daily basis. We need to explore enough and use these features to have a new look as well as a new experience over this evergreen Social Media.


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